Reels of the Night

Her eyes hold the calm and mellow of sadness
Sitting in her chair with face blank stare
She was ornate in censorship
Tired are the doves of her grace
A fleet of bands are her personal dictatorship
Eyes that cannot help but produce constant lingering
She envelopes her visions creating momentary time capsules
He sits next to her taking in every gaze
A fluttering exchange of intake is presumed
Parted lips contain unspoken words
A private show is in the making
Concentrating on two at once
Suffocated thoughts turn heart into mind
Ecstasy has settled in taking up residence for time being
Uncontrolled are the ways of her hand
He knows the time that has now come passed
Giving to her not
Sallow, her expression starts to fade
Brunette tendrils hiding her visage
Do not you hold me in contempt?
Throat strangled words do not carry wind
Morning soon to come after sand laden eyes
Clinging to time not yet passed
The marrow of her inner cavity leading her steps
His interactions no longer interactive
An embarkation of physical lapse gets the best of her
Delving into tides of exaltation
Gilded gold is the skirting to her frame
A fleeing attempt kept on file
Condensed is the moisture that stays preserved
Uttered sounds close tired eyes
Time is now ruler of the night
Tired eyes can no longer put up with a fight

Tick Tock Stop

A flame to a flicker and a flicker runneth out
The smoke has cascaded down a corridor of doubt
Drenched at one point it has now become a drought
And the gluttony of a heart to suffer through the pains of gout
In a time to kill leaves a time to heal
In order for one to see in truth and in reel
Submerged in the dead lands and given space was an order
The distance was great but in the heart became shorter
The melody of the count was the tick of a clock
But after the crescendo a melody will soon to stop
Cropped like the hedges of a wild growing tree
The look is clean but the spirit never free
To have gathered every fallen piece with an eye of delight
And sort through the remains for the wrong and for the right
Letting go of the sources that make one hold on tight
When you realize it is destined for no win in such a fight
Once the letters of the mind have routed down to the heart
And an overflowing basket has become an empty cart
In time one day will regain all of its treasures
But to carry what was ugly has become that of a feather
Deep was the tunnel to be hidden in the dark
And risen out of darkness births the strength of a shark
Bandages have fallen to reveal what now has healed
No longer is there care and numb has taken over feel

The Storm b4 the Calm

I slipped and stumbled rolling gravel under feet
Came out to say hi but drank only defeat
Words falling slipping through the cracks of my mind
Giving all my strength and most of my time
Naturally unnatural are the powers that be
To take away an eruption of insecurity
The despair I was washed in had taken over me
And filled me like a glass with self-scrutiny

To fight through a seemingly endless battle
How can you row a boat when it’s missing the paddles
Slow and steady are the passing of each step
And the count has insured a skyscraper of debt
The tax of a dollar is not what’s to claim
The pennies are slowly thrown down the drain

It carries no value at the end of the day
When change has finally set up shelter to stay
Be where it is or be where it may
Is all that my heart holds in its chambers to say

Shipwrecked in battle from a fight to the death
And to start at the bottom and build back what has left
Leaves me only to wonder, question, and guess
If all of this was worth such a mountain of mess

I give all of my strength to the powers that be
Turning angered storm waves into the calm that’s now me

A beautiful day…

The distance was complete
All the stars were aligned
But the distance was too great
And clear vision turned to blind
Angst took its turn and only caused a crumble
And without the proper tools a blind man will soon stumble
The vision may have blurred
but the senses are alive
And with the guidance from above and everyday that passes by
Will soon bring joy to a blind mans eye
To know that once he had fallen
But has now risen high