The Storm b4 the Calm

I slipped and stumbled rolling gravel under feet
Came out to say hi but drank only defeat
Words falling slipping through the cracks of my mind
Giving all my strength and most of my time
Naturally unnatural are the powers that be
To take away an eruption of insecurity
The despair I was washed in had taken over me
And filled me like a glass with self-scrutiny

To fight through a seemingly endless battle
How can you row a boat when it’s missing the paddles
Slow and steady are the passing of each step
And the count has insured a skyscraper of debt
The tax of a dollar is not what’s to claim
The pennies are slowly thrown down the drain

It carries no value at the end of the day
When change has finally set up shelter to stay
Be where it is or be where it may
Is all that my heart holds in its chambers to say

Shipwrecked in battle from a fight to the death
And to start at the bottom and build back what has left
Leaves me only to wonder, question, and guess
If all of this was worth such a mountain of mess

I give all of my strength to the powers that be
Turning angered storm waves into the calm that’s now me

High Tide

The distance was complete
All the stars were aligned
But the distance was too great
And clear vision turned to blind
Angst took its turn and only caused a crumble
And without the proper tools a blind man will soon stumble
The vision may have blurred
but the senses are alive
And with the guidance from above and everyday that passes by
Will soon bring joy to a blind mans eye
To know that once he had fallen
But has now risen high

Dancing Planets

A disguised creature of a being

To only touch shadows of the surface

Intermingled through frightening desires

To sing dove like songs of inspiration

Captivity ensures mesmerization

But to be set free allows pure elation

To burn with a glow that no one will know

Concealed in the dark with no reason to spark

Solo are sun and moon missing each other night and day

A dancer in the dark with no one to play

Alone it was and always will be

Waiting till forever to be set free



Something wicked this way came

Its funny right now I feel so dumb

My feelings for you are the touch of numb

Your energy too wild and uncontrolled

Your stories are repeated and forever told

I don’t need or want the kiss of a jackal

And Im tired of this deal that I continue to haggle

A flea that lands and bites all over the place

Gives the outer shell a mask to save face

Jimmeny Cricket comes hopping around

So to all hide your faces and only look down

A wolf in sheep’s clothing may come your way

To take a bite right out of your apple of a day

It may be small but its not a hunch

That the venom it yields packs a deadly punch

Make sure you have loaded your weapons right

Because you just might be lunch come an unforseen night


May 23, 2014