And love me knot

She will never understand his actions or why he left, an unfitted match would be her only guess. Her feelings had grown so increasingly strong would have thought that a spell had her mind so gone,
She was deaf in thought with truthful words in a coma taken over by a sickness and a putrid aroma, the experience is what to not forget and to love a knot that’s too rough to slip.
She dipped in that pool and her feet got wet now the steps she leads are away from the wreck, to plead and beg was never enough so with time on her side her heart became rough
Like a gift and a curse clicks the time of a clock to turn what once was to what now is not. At first she thought what’s after this and realized undead do exist a zombie and he won’t be missed

Dripping Galaxies

Beat upon my window and impress clusters of diamonds
Drip down my side like racing comets
The sound of beating drums cause a thunderous reaction
To be swallowed in the night by pure satisfaction
Etched in the corner grows a glow from a spark
Waiting for the time to step out of the dark
Pearls of sweat strung along my neck
In hopes that come time you do not forget

The Plan

Oh Misguided mistletoe
Shattered dreams rain down like comets of despair
The stupidity of our humanity builds useless protection
A solemn expression of eyes wide watching
A catcher of tides on an ocean shore
Slow to form and unrelentingly underdeveloped
Better does not exist in human nature
And growth is produced from disturbance
Pointless activities bring drought to the brain
On a treadmill chasing after rotted sugar cane
A folded blueprint falling out of pocket
And a heart contained smothered in a golden locket
Disappointment disappointment I repeat the smell that is carried through air
But layers will fall off as with the graying of each hair


Collidastar crash into me and fill me with your treasures
Unearth my deathly hollows and mask me with your comfort
The void is black and bites upon my heart chewing it away and tearing it apart
You wanderer you with your unfinished journey
Will you be at my side once I’m lifted on the gurney
Time and space divided two worlds apart
Do you know where you’re going I don’t know where to start
A pencil without lead creates no marks on blank paper
So the details you seek has no hand of a maker
To want is not to need and to need is not to want
But the images flood in with the memories that taunt
It was held captive and is still alive but death exists behind dulled eyes
The war of the worlds an unearthly battle
Only one is complete other slaughtered like cattle
An alignment of stars lasts only so long and the strength of this grip can barely hold on
Red velvet sashes have fallen through the night
Your interest in the others gave them win in this here fight