The Road of Burgundy Trees

The trapdoors are increasing in abundance
Closing in tight with no room to escape
Every day I wake a fresh start to do over
How have I come to let this be
I have too much to give
Way too much
The one who knows me the best is even scared to touch
It is time to clean house for mine is so unhappy
The eye of the storm has kidnapped me
Circling me around so I cannot see
To deep for my own good
Taking myself to levels unknown
Every move made takes on meaning for me
Thinking has become the obstacles of my own path
Curled in a nook face covered not to look
I must slow this train down before it jumps track
My former thoughts are what I must get back
I have done this all to myself
Crash course on repeat
Never in the back but always the front seat
A repetitive dream the road of burgundy trees
The time before the waking up
Its time when I can now look up
Expression has led me down in the past
But this expression will be my last


Crystal Facets

The thoughts of her mind keep telling her what has already happened
Paradoxical situations unfold behind her eyes
Un-involuntary hick-ups inch through the creases
Multiplying and dividing into thousands of pieces
Tunnels are stretching to the darkest corners
Is past the past and not currently or former
It is so unreal I must need an organ donor
Must shake it off like a cartridge of ink toner
Repeat has not taken her by surprise
The dropping of the drip goes on unscripted
Shredded wings keeping her from being lifted
Like a fine grade of powder she is being sifted
Calamity is like a click clack tip tap dancing for the stars
A jungle gym of bars is the world we all call ours
Why does she feel the skipping of her thoughts
Always on edge wondering if this time she’s caught
Wonderland is supposed to be where dreams come true
But this wonderland has her in state of déjà vu

Preparation of Fugu

The ninth cloud has swept me up in its course
Dealings of treasure conflict with remorse
Thinking of the characters I have come to be
Bright as the sun
Deep as the sea
Prisms of color coat who I am
Like a tree I thrive watered and not on dry land
Systems negotiate through traffic of wires
Hot coals emerge from the depth of a fire
The dripping of honey saturates my pallet
Tasting of cleverness bring musical ballad
Cinnamon dusted keeps a capsule enclosed
Harboring the secrets of black feathered crows
Dais is what holds my mountain high
Transitioning from earth and into sky
Bringing forth wings so I can fly
Fixing the broken for no need to cry
Planted feet make for a heavy heel
This is only the surface before it gets real

Essentials of the Incensed

Cannon balls blow waves of massive destruction
With you by my side there is no interruption
Do not you feel the static that we give?
Electricity is what caused Frankenstein to live
With a power so great I have no room to fake
When it comes down to it there is never too late
Ride on my horse, whom I have named fate
His strength and power only carries what’s great
I have cast aside the shadows of doubt
And certain facades I let not roam about
Staying calm to collect a treasure
A pirate’s map would have no room to measure
The smoke of a fire was the cloud that I rode
Spreading so wide had to close off some roads
Wind gusts blowing from the wings of a crow
Deploy of emergency sent in for control
You have only sampled what my market carries
A bazaar of exotics come taste and be merry
A real adventure not something that’s scary
The milk of my love and the juice of a berry
When time comes around I will let out what’s buried
In my heart is where all this is carried

The Day After Tomorrow

The day I do not want you anymore draws nearer
The deepest parts of me ache down to the bone marrow
Does not Romeo and Juliet truly exist?
Or am I living a new day and age amongst those I do not understand
Insanity rings various bells in my head
I am now directing my lifeboat to stable ground
Who could be the fool but I
There is life yet behind those big brown eyes
Eyes so open, but cannot see
Or do they see?
Complexity is only a puzzle
Do the pieces match or should you put them back
Who could know the answer… Our only key is logic, but that does not open all doors
A mirage of sorts or trickery for sport
An indefinite situation for those born into this nation.

Concrete Fields

A life that stands on shaky ground
Makes one feel incompletely bound
To not know which way’s up or down
A hope for things to turn around
My smile inserts upside down
And on my face always a frown
I must confess
But dare not say
My spirit may have broke today
There’s nowhere left for me to go
Just carry on the same old show
Whoa Whoa, stop your tracks
I see now why some turn to crack
Anything to ease the pain
Reality will make one go insane
All that’s left is my brain
Seeping going down the drain
Chaos is what’s set in stone
And chaos is the stone that’s thrown
I look for words to ease the stress
But continue to feel like I’m a mess
Down at the lowest low
The come up is the slowest slow
Not even trying trials come
I pray to god in silent tongue
Nightmares don’t comfort me tonight
My head ballooning left and right
It’s hard to put up with this fight
As life becomes a vicious plight

Last Call

I thought you were the one for me
Always jumping ahead of myself
Must gain self control
My weakness is winning
My surroundings are real
Seeing beyond the surface and into the depth
The human existence is incapacitated
Time to relax
Find pleasures in the mundane
Not all is lost
Without purpose diligence is strife
Keep a smile on my face always trying to be nice
Headed towards the best is what life has to offer
Falling on hard surfaces and now finally something softer
Look me in the eye and show me who you are
This distance between us has gone on too far
Like a tumble weed rolling through the wind
The pressure builds up causing actions of sin
The release valve sometimes needs to be turned
Inside feels like third degree burns
In this corner of human existence
The great Gatsby is so reminiscent
Through every great love story there has always been a wait
And death is always at the end of every lovers fate